• Lichen Planus



Lichen Planus is skin & mucous membrane disease, due to unknown cause, which is characterized by skin rashes in various areas of body. It can affect any area of body including mouth, eyes, ears, scalp, food pipe, throat, anus, nails, genitalia etc.

It is usually immune mediated in nature and body's immune system mistakes and attacks its own skin cells.

Lichen Planus is a chronic skin disease which is not serious, but definitely an uncomfortable disease. Some cases can be very serious and painful.

Unless, Lichen Planus receives proper treatment it can become seriously stubborn and severely frustrating. Lichen Planus is a progressive and chronic skin condition which has no particular causes; hence, it requires constitutional and holistic treatment.


Quick Look

Rashes or lesions which are-

  • Flat topped (planar)
  • Purple
  • Polygonal (many dimensions)
  • Pruritic (itchy)
  • Papules
  • Plaques
  • Pain
  • Single or clusters of lesion
  • Fine white streaks visible on lesions (Wickham's striae)

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  • Lichen Planus is a not a life threatening condition but definitely if left untreated it can put negative impact on all aspects of your life.
  • Lichen Planus can make the skin patchy, papular, pigmented, and colour of skin changes in affected area which may persist for some time even after lesion heals completely. This can cause severe cosmetic disfigurement and may cause embarrassment especially, if on visible areas.
  • Lichen Planus can make the nails look bad too. Hair loss , in cases of scalp Lichen Planus, may cause cosmetic concerns.
  • Lichen Planus causes intense urge to itch and cause pain . This disturbs sleep and other routine activities. Disturbed sleep may cause daytime sleepiness, irritability and lack of focus.. This can affect work productivity and also destroys interpersonal relationships.
  • Oral lichen planus affects eating . Painful sore causes difficulty in eating.
  • Lichen Planus may recur even after going away completely.
  • Lichen Planus can affect genitalia too in both the males and females. In females, it can make the sexual intercourse painful (dyspareunia). In males, it can cause lesions on the penis and scrotum. Such lesions can cause sexual dysfunctions .
  • Scratching and itching can cause skin to bleed which may further cause bacterial infection of skin.
  • Though, Lichen Planus is not cancer but it increases the chances of skin/ Oral / genital cancer significantly especially if Lichen Planus is long standing.

Hence, every case of Lichen Planus must be provided with immediate medical attention to prevent complications. Lichen Planus if not treated well can lead to recurrences too.


  • Homeopathy is very efficient in managing symptoms of Lichen Planus and has an excellent success rate. It is very gentle and effective system of medicine.
  • Unlike conventional system of medicines, there is no use of antibiotics and steroids. Long term use of steroids can be harmful for your health. Homeopathy has world class medicines which treat Lichen Planus from its roots without any side effects.
  • Homeopathy stimulates body's healing capacities and strengthens immunity.
  • Homeopathy is natural, safe and without any side-effects, and one can enjoy complete freedom from Lichen Planus.
  • Homeopathy treats chronic cases of Lichen Planus very effectively and also helps in preventing relapse of the condition.
  • Homeopathic Treatment For Lichen Planus has more than 60 natural, side-effect free remedies in its medicine bank for the treatment of this condition.

Few of our amazing remedies include:

  • Aconite : This drug is indicated in plethoric persons, in the first stage of inflammation before localisation and exudation has occurred, and is marked by redness, dryness, heat and severe pains. Skin- Red, hot, swollen, dry, burning, shining.
  • Dulcamara : Itching, burns after scratching > cold. Thick, brown, yellow crusts on scalp. Complaints caused by exposure to cold damp, rainy weather or sudden change of weather.
  • Kali bi : Discharge from mucous membranes which are adhesive, sticky, stringy, tough, lumpy or thick and yellow discharges.
  • Juglans cinerea : Itching burning > scratching. Itching and pricking when heated.
  • GRAPHITES : Good remedy for Lichen Planus with dry, rough, irritable skin. Suits people who are obese, chilly and have tendency of constipation.
  • ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM : A leading remedy for Lichen Planus with eruptive papules, vesicles and pustules. Itching of eruptions at warmth of bed. Suits people who have great anxiety regarding their fate. Eruptions better at rest, open air and moist warmth.
  • ARS ALB : Superlative remedy for dry, rough, scaly, dirty, shrivelled skin in Lichen Planus. Ulcerative papules with burning, cutting pain and bloody discharge. Parchment like skin in extremely nervous, restless and anxious people. Aggravation of symptoms after midnight