• Lichen Planus Symptoms

  • General symptoms of Lichen Planus:
    • Purplish coloured rashes/lesions/bumps
    • Itching at the site of the rash
    • Oral lesions can be painful
    • Burning sensation
    • Thin white lines over the rashes
    • Blisters at the site of rashes
    • Lichen like appearance (lichen is a plant)
  • Oral Lichen Planus:
    • It involves mouth, gums, tongue, and lips.
      lichen planus symptoms
    • Blue white spots mostly inside the cheeks, gums, and sides of tongue.
    • Spider or net like appearance of white lacy lines (Wickham's striae)
    • Painful chewing
    • Redness, ulceration or erosion of inner surface of mouth
    • Dry mouth with metallic taste and burning sensation
  • Nails:
    • Ridges and grooves on nails
    • Irregular longitudinal grooving
    • Thinning of nail plate and scar forms with destroyed cuticle
    • Atrophy of nail bed
    • Red streaks on nails
    • Subungal (beneath nails) hyper pigmentation
  • Scalp:
    • Inflammation of hair follicles
    • Hair loss/Bald patches
    • Scaly itchy papules on scalp
    • Tiny red shiny papules around hair follicles
  • Genitalia:
    • If genitalia are involved, it may cause difficult and painful intercourse.
    • stenosis of urethra causing difficulty in urination, itching at genitalia.
    • It causes painless or painful white streaks at genitalia which can be severely embarrassing.
    • It can cause stricture at entrance of vagina making intercourse painful. Vagina can bleed easily during sexual contact.
    • In males, it can cause lesion at the tip of penis.
  • Others:
    • If lichen planus involves food pipe, it may cause pain during swallowing and difficulty in swallowing.
    • If it affects eyelids, ear, anus it can cause excoriation and erosion which can be painful.
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