• Tinnitus Introduction

Tinnitus Introduction

Do you often hear abnormal sounds? Do you hear ringing often without any obvious external sounds? Have these abnormal sounds frustrated or angered you or left you anxious of what it could be? Well, this ringing or abnormal sound is referred to as Tinnitus.

Tinnitus may have affected you negatively and your work ability must have gone down quite a bit. But don't be disappointed because, the good news is that Homeopathy has excellent success rate in the treatment of Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a disease condition, but a symptom denoting any abnormalities in the inner, middle or the outer ear. It could also denote blood vessel or heart disorders. However, tinnitus could be just age-related too.

Tinnitus doesn't affect an individual only physically; it can affect the patient mentally too causing extreme distress, anger, frustration, anxiety, irritability and sleeplessness.

Tinnitus is a very debilitating symptom affecting 10-20% of the world population.

Read on to know more about the disease and how we can fight it together!