• Tinnitus Treatment


There is no absolute cure of Tinnitus in the conventional medicine. However, the symptoms can be controlled by the following treatment measures.

  • Steps to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus include:
    • White Noise Machines: These are devices that produce pleasant sounds like ocean waves, falling rain etc. can help the patient get better sleep as the internal sounds get blocked.
    • Hearing aids: A hearing aid in the ear affected by Tinnitus may improve your hearing. There are many hearing aid options available and the audiologist suggests the right one during treatment for tinnitus.
    • Masking devices: Used like hearing aids, they produce continuous low-level white noise that blocks tinnitus.
  • If the causative factors are found, treatment for tinnitus is done accordingly
    • Ear Wax Removal
    • Treating any underlying heart disease or a blood vessel disorder
    • Changing the medications if tinnitus is caused due to the medicines.
  • Medications:
    • Generally anti-anxiety drugs or anti depressants are used in treatment for tinnitus. However, their side effects include dry mouth, nausea, and drowsiness etc. and therefore not advisable for a long term treatment.
  • Management of stress, anxiety and depression:
    • This is done by counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral and other counseling techniques.
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