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back pain dos and donts

What to do if you suffer from sudden back pain?

  • Rest: Short-term bed rest is required when in severe back pain and muscle spasms. Bed rest for more than 48 hours is rarely recommended.
  • Applying ice or heat directly to the area of low back pain can help to decrease inflammation, and ease your discomfort.
  • Exercise is important for you with back pain to maintain mobility. Exercise also releases endorphins- the body's natural painkillers. Stretching exercises must be done under guidance of healthcare professional.


  • If your job requires sitting for long hours, sit only for short period, taking breaks in between.
  • Place a supportive towel roll at the belt line of your back when sitting in a car.
  • Avoid bending forward at the waist.
  • Sleep on a firm surface.
  • Keep your back straight when performing activities like vacuuming, sweeping, etc.
  • Lift heavy loads as a team and not alone.
  • Try sleeping on your side with your knees slightly bent and a comfortable pillow placed between the knees, this helps to avoid exerting the back.


  • Don't lift heavy load by bending your back. Your feet should be wide apart, head and back straight. Keep the abdominal muscles tight and then load in close.
  • Don't lift and twist in one motion.
  • Do not place your legs straight out in front of you while sitting.
  • Do not sleep on your stomach.
  • Don't slouch when sitting.
  • Don't sit for long period of time.
  • Don't use a work surface that is too low or too high, which can put strain on your back and shoulders respectively.
  • Don't sleep on too-soft mattress, even it feels comfortable.
  • Don't stay in bed for too long.
  • Don't smoke or use tobacco.
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