• Cellulitis Definition

cellulitis definition

Cellulitis is defined as an infectious condition of skin and subcutaneous tissue, mostly due to a bacterial infection resulting in inflammation of skin.

Cellulitis is most common in lower legs though it can affect any body part. Facial Cellulitis and Periorbital (eye) Cellulitis may be very dangerous and needs to be treated immediately.

If the inflammation is very superficial and marked by raised sharp border and bright red inside circle; it is called Erysipelas. Common cause of Erysipelas is Streptococcus bacteria.

Common locations of Cellulitis: It can occur on any body part.

  • Legs- Cellulitis can affect any area but the most common locations are legs especially lower legs.
  • Arm and face- They are the second most common location. Cellulitis of face is called Facial Cellulitis.
  • Head & neck- They are the third most common locations.
  • Other areas- Cellulitis can also develop in the area of surgery wounds. It can affect abdomen and chest too. It can also affect area around the eyes (where it is called Periorbital Cellulitis), on the cheeks (Buccal Cellulitis), anus (Perianal Cellulitis) etc.
  • Wounds- Cellulitis can also develop in cuts, surgical incisions, wounds, insect bites etc.

Certain people with weak immunity are more likely to get it. Hence it requires a constitutional approach.

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