• Cellulitis Symptoms

  • Inflammation of skin- It is one of the leading symptoms of Cellulitis. The affected area becomes red, tender on touch, gets warm and swells. Cellulitis may affect a small area initially, but the rash and redness may spread rapidly. Pain also increases. Skin appears red, tight, shiny and swollen. Small blisters may also appear on this skin.
  • Swollen lymph nodes- Infection may spread to draining lymph nodes leading to their enlargement. When lymph nodes are involved there could be red streaks which spread away from actual affected site. These are chief symptoms of cellulitis.
  • Pain- Cellulitis is a painful condition. As the infection goes deeper pain increases. This is marked feature in symptoms of cellulitis.
  • Fever- As the Cellulitis spreads, there could be fever with chills, malaise, general feeling of being unwell, fatigue, muscular pains, sweating etc
  • Drainage- In severe cases there could be leaking of fluid from the wound. This liquid can be clear, yellow or it could be pus. This is one of the significant symptoms of cellulitis.
  • Signs of rapidly spreading Cellulitis- In severe cases of spreading Cellulitis; patient may experience severe pain, drowsiness, blisters, red lines streaking away from affected area along with persistent fever and malaise. In CELLULITIS which is rapidly spreading; there could be nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing and heart rate, poor orientation, confusion etc. Immediate treatment must be ensured here.