• Cellulitis Preventions


Prevention is better than cure. This statement is very much true for Cellulitis. Simple measures can prevent you from developing Cellulitis-

  • Immunity: Cellulitis is more common in individuals with poor immunity. Normally body fights with infection on its own and kills bacteria but if immunity is low even simple bacterial attacks may prove dangerous. Ensure good immunity with balanced diet and regular exercise.
  • Skin care: Apply moisturiser regularly to prevent skin drying and crack development. Take care of your nails. Never push your nail cuticles back, instead trim them. Trim carefully so that surrounding skin is not hurt. Never pick your skin or nails. Avoid injuries to your skin if possible.
  • Hygiene: Remember to wash your hands frequently. Take good shower daily. Keep your skin clean.
  • Care of Wounds: Taking proper care of wound is very important to prevent Cellulitis. Superficial wounds should be washed with soap and water during bathing. You can apply some antiseptic cream on it and can also put bandage over it. If bandage is applied, change it on daily basis. If you have fungal infection of toes or fingers, treat them. Take immediate treatment in case of animal or human bite or deep punctured wounds.
    cellulitis prevention
  • Early treatment: If you notice any pus, redness or severe pain do not delay and consult doctor immediately.
  • Extra care: If you have diabetes, varicose veins, or poor venous circulation in legs even small boils or wounds should be consulted with physician.
  • Inspect your feet: If you are Diabetic, do not forget to inspect your feet and hands daily. If you notice any small crack, take care to inspect them so as to prevent Cellulitis and gangrene.
  • Proper foot wear: Ensure proper shoes which fit you well and do not hurt. Do not walk barefoot, wear proper shoes especially if you are diabetic.
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