• Cellulitis Treatment


If you have developed a red skin patch which is warm and increasing, then seek early treatment for Cellulitis.

  • Antibiotics form the main instrument of treatment of Cellulitis conventionally. Oral or intravenous antibiotics arrest the spread of infection and also kill the bacteria. With treatment most of the cases respond positively in a week.
  • Identification of cause and treatment of Oedema (swelling) is also important since it can promote Cellulitis.
  • Steroids are used in adamant cases in treatment for cellulitis.
  • Pain killers are effectively used to control pain in treatment for cellulitis
  • Surgery is effective in cases where infection is severe, dead tissue is cut away in such cases. Abscesses may require drainage.
  • Rest and Elevation of limbs are advised for speedy recovery.
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