• Chronic Constipation


Chronic Constipation is an irritating condition which makes life miserable.

Do you know?

chronic constipation
  • It is quite a common condition.
  • Constipation term varies with individuals - For few it is no motion for few days, for some it is straining with hard stools etc.
  • Constipation does not mean inability to pass stool daily.
  • Most of the people do not pass stool daily
  • Constipation is labeled when stool frequency is less than three times a week for several months.
  • Constipation does not lead to cancer though rarely it can be a symptom of cancer.
  • As believed by people constipation does not lead to accumulation of toxins in body.
  • Women and the elderly are more commonly affected by it.
  • It is not serious or life threatening but can be extremely time consuming and frustrating.


CHRONIC CONSTIPATION means different thing to different people. For some it means inability to pass stool daily. For others it may mean hard stools with lots of straining etc.

dealing with chronic constipation

But medically constipation means passage of stools less than three times per week. When this happens for several months it is called Chronic Constipation. In Chronic Constipation stools may be hard or soft, small or large, or a combination of infrequent hard, formed or small lumpy stools. Read more about Causes of chronic constipation .

It is mostly due to slow passage of stools in colon. Hard stools can be result of less amount of roughage in stool or increased absorption of water from stool.


  • Chronic constipation debilitates life quality.
  • It is both painful and frustrating.
  • It is a discomforting condition which people shy away to discuss.
  • It diverts your attention from work to toilets and may hamper your work performance and family life.
  • Constipation makes you feel bloated, confused, inattentive and irritable.
  • Treating constipation is time consuming which adds up your medical expenditure.

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Chronic Constipation can lead to –

  • Planning of your daily routine activities around the toilet
  • Extreme frustration and painful defecation due to straining
  • Decreased work productivity
  • Disrupted family life
  • Development of many complications like piles, fissures etc.
  • Treatment of Chronic Constipation is better if sought earlier. Hence know more about the condition.


  • CHRONIC CONSTIPATION is severely debilitating and frustrating. If left unchecked and untreated, it will deteriorate your life quality and will feed on your family time since you will discover yourself always in toilets. Homeopathy holds answer to your troubles.
  • Homeopathy is very efficient in managing symptoms of CHRONIC CONSTIPATION and has an excellent success rate.
    Since Constipation is due to numerous causes and varies from individual to individual, a constitutional and holistic approach is must. Hence Homeopathy here comes as a boon.
  • Homeopathy provides you complete resolution -
    • Constitutional medicines maintain balance between your mind and body.
    • Natural relief to constipation by reducing stress along with exercises and lifestyle modification
    • Stimulates rectum contraction for smooth expulsion of the stools
    • Cleans your colon
  • Homeopathic medicines are non habit forming unlike laxatives which damages your colon in long run.
  • Homeopathy is natural, safe and without any side-effects. Hence it is very suitable for pregnant ladies and children.
  • Soon after starting treatment and lifestyle modification you will notice positive changes. Moreover, it also helps in preventing relapse of the condition.
  • Homeopathic Treatment For CHRONIC CONSTIPATION has more than 200 natural, side-effect free remedies in its treasury for the treatment for chronic constipation.

Few of our amazing remedies include:

  • ALUMINA: Excellent remedy in patients who have desire to eat indigestible things like chalk, charcoal etc. There is no desire for motion with hard and knotty stools. For constipation of infants and elderly. Painful urging before stool with excessive straining during stool.
  • LACHESIS: One of the efficient remedies for chronic constipation with offensive smell. Constipation so severe that anus feels tight as if nothing could go through it. Excessive darting pain in the rectum on sneezing or coughing. Associated hemorrhage from bowel like black particles.
  • OPIUM: Most suitable remedy for obstinate constipation. There is no desire to pass stool. Stools are like ball, round and black in colour. Stools protrude and recede back in rectum.