• Endometriosis Introduction

Introduction of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is one of the most painful conditions seen in women.

The endometrium is a layer of cells that lines the cavity of the uterus. It is this layer that undergoes cyclical changes every month and shedding of this layer results in menses or periods. This is the normal phenomenon that is generally observed.

But in some cases, few cells of the endometrium can get implanted in organs outside the uterus due to various causes. This is called Endometriosis. The commonest site where endometriosis occurs is the ovary.

Like the normal endometrium, the externally present cells also response to female hormones like estrogen. With each menstrual cycle, these cells also multiply, break and finally shed at onset of periods. But, unlike uterine endometrium, the ectopic endometrium cannot escape outside the body, leading to formation of cysts, adhesions and obstruction. This is what causes heavy periods in cases of Endometriosis.

Larger patches of endometriosis in ovaries may form cysts which bleed with every menstrual cycle. As more blood accumulates in them, the cysts become brownish in color and are called chocolate cysts.

Endometriosis is categorized into 4 stages:

Stage I- Minimal disease without or very few adhesions

Stage II- Mild disease with deep lesions

Stage III- Moderate disease with presence of endometriomas and adhesions

Stage IV- Severe disease with large endometriomas and extensive adhesions

The good news is that Homeopathy has excellent success rate in the treatment of Endometriosis because the medicines are side-effect free and treat the overall constitution for better relief.

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