• Genital Herpes Symptoms

Symptoms of Genital Herpes
Some of the common signs and symptoms of Genital Herpes include
  • Burning or tingling sensation before genital lesions appear
  • Ulcers called genital sores develop on the penis (glans, foreskin, and shaft) in males. There is soreness and burning pain that lasts for about 2-3 weeks if untreated
  • Vesicles also develop on the foreskin and the scrotum along with other symptoms of genital herpes
Symptoms of Genital Herpes
  • Vesicles around female genitals that lead to formation of ulcers
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes in the groin
  • Inflammation and swelling of the vaginal mucosa and/or cervix
  • Pain with difficulty in passing urine in both men and women
  • Excessive discharge from the vaginal and urethra
  • Vesicles around anus and rectum in persons engaging in anal intercourse

Emotional Effects Of Genital Herpes

  • Social embarrassment
  • Self-blame
  • Self-contempt
  • Depression
  • Disgust and dirty feeling about oneself
  • Anger
  • Fear of being deserted
  • Sense of isolation
  • Anxiety and fear
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