• Gout


What is GOUT?

Summary of Gout

Gout is one of the most painful types of arthritis, usually affecting one joint, generally the great toe.

It is even more distressing because the disease, if left untreated, can cause irreversible joint damage, kidney damage and deposition of a substance called uric acid in the tissues.

Men are more likely to develop gout than women, although women become more susceptible post-menopause.Click to read about Causes of Gout.

Gout is a potentially disabling type of arthritis and is characterized by sudden, severe pain, redness and swelling of a joint, usually the great toe. It can cause nodules under the skin which are known as tophi.

What Happens In Gout?

Quick Look
  • Sudden, severe pain affecting a single joint, indicating the intensity of the inflammation.
  • Warmth, swelling and extreme tenderness of the big toe, known as Podagra.
  • Red, shiny skin over the affected joint.

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What Can Gout Lead To?

If not treated, GOUT can complicate into:

  • Irreversible joint damage: Gout, if left untreated can actually cause permanent harm to your joint.
  • Deposition of urate crystals under the skin: These form nodules, called tophi, and are typically present in the fingers, hands, feet and along the back of your ankle.
  • Urinary Stones: Uric acid can get deposited along the urinary tract causing formation of uric acid stones and reduced functioning of the kidneys.

How Well Homeopathy Works In Gout

  • Homoeopathic medicines are a blessing for patients who suffer from gout and high uric acid levels.
  • It offers a holistic approach to the treatment of the disease and its prime role is to boost the immunity of the human being, so that the condition does not recur, provided the patient follows a proper diet and regimen.
  • There are more than 80 homeopathic remedies for the treatment for Gout. Homeopathic Treatment for Gout is faster, safer and more reliable than any other system of medicine. And as an added important bonus, it has no adverse effects.

Few of our amazing remedies include:

  • Colchicum: Painful big toe and heel, unable to bear touch on the affected area. Pains are more often in the evening or night and are affected by weather changes.
  • Ledum Pal: This medicine is indicated when pains shoot through the foot, limb and joints, and are better by icy, cold applications.
  • Urtica Urens: It helps to eliminate uric acid from the body in patients who have a tendency to form gout recurrently.
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