• Infantile Colic Causes


The exact cause of infantile colic is still unclear and various theories have been derived regarding it.

  • Maternal dietary changes play a huge role and have been linked to colic in infants.
  • Certain theories have also suggested that cause can be organic due to changes in the gut bacteria
  • However behavioral and social studies indicate colic as a behavioral condition than pathological.
  • Mothers who had an erratic unhealthy diet during their pregnancy period and while lactating have known to affect the baby's health leading to colic in most cases.
  • Cow's milk intolerance is also been reported in majority of colic babies.

Other causes of infantile colic which should not be missed out are:

  • Central nervous system abnormality
  • Infection present in the body where crying is the foremost symptom in babies. Otitis media or ear infection is the most common infection to look out for in an infant.
  • Trauma or injury which is missed out should be considered. It can be of any abuse, eye troubles (corneal abrasions), foreign body in the eye, fractured bone.