• Infantile Colic Symptoms

  • The onset of Infantile Colic is usually at 2-3 weeks of life, peaking at 6-8 weeks, and generally begins to resolve by 3-4 months.
    infantile colic symptoms
  • The colic episodes generally occur during late afternoons and evening hours.
  • Infants generally express themselves to the environment through crying. Differentiating a colic cry from a hunger cry is essential to diagnose infantile colic.
  • The cry of colic is prolonged, loud, high-pitched, and often described as piercing. The intensity of a colicky infant cry is much more than a regular hunger cry.
  • when you sit to feed the crying baby; a hungry infant will immediately stop crying. But a colicky baby will not stop crying whatsoever. The infant may also grimace, arch the back, clench his/her fists, and draw up his/her legs. This immediately calls for medical attention and requires to be intervened.