• Infantile Colic Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

For the Nursing Mother:

  • Most theories about Infantile Colic have been linked to alterations in mother's diet. Infants with colic are known to respond well if mother choses a diet low in cow's milk and free of allergen causing substances.
  • Mothers should avoid foods like peanuts, eggs, fish and mushrooms etc. while they are breast feeding. Continue this for minimum two weeks till infant's colic subsides.
  • Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol during the nursing period as this may have an adverse effect on baby's health.
  • Do not consume processed and packed foods.
  • Diet rich in essential nutrients with good amounts of fats and proteins is extremely mandatory for the nursing mother as well as the growing infant.

For the Baby:

  • Exclusive Breast Feeding: Breast Feeding is the Best Feeding for your baby! Breast feeding should be continued exclusively with no additional water or other substances for first 6 months of age. Position child properly and feed from both breasts. Burp well after each feed.
  • Weaning: Early weaning of infants can increase problems of colic and other troubles as well. Weaning from breast milk is not advised early unless advised by your doctor. Introducing formula feeds or solid foods should be avoided if your baby has colic. Breast feeding to be continued till the infant recovers.
  • If advised formula feeding, consider the one low in cow's milk.
  • Avoid introducing new things like gripe water, honey, castor oil etc. as they have minimal use in treating infantile colic.
  • Do not mix water with expressed breast milk if you store them before feeding.
  • Consult your pediatrician before introducing a change in baby's diet.