• Ovarian Cyst Complications


Though most Ovarian Cyst are not threatening and go away on their own, few may raise severe complications. Complications of Ovarian Cyst are-

  • Reduced fertility: Though in premenopausal woman most Cysts resolve themselves, but sometimes recurrent Cysts can decrease the fertility.
  • Ruptured Cyst: Cyst may get ruptured leading to internal bleeding and excruciating pain. This can further cause infection inside body. This can be fatal unless attended urgently. Though this is also a rare condition.
  • Ovarian torsion: This is a rare condition where ovary is twisted due to presence of large Cyst. This can move ovary from its original position to such a position where its blood supply can get cut off. This is a dangerous condition and if not treated immediately, can damage ovarian tissue leading to its death.
  • Risk of developing cancer: Most Cysts resolve themselves but some may possess risk of becoming cancerous, especially in postmenopausal women.

Complications of Ovarian Cyst are grave in nature and may put even life at risk. Hence, it is advised an early treatment for each and every case of Ovarian Cyst.

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