• Ovarian Cyst Definition

ovarian cyst definition

Ovarian Cyst is defined as fluid filled small sac which is formed in one or both ovaries. Mostly they are seen in women of child bearing age.

Cysts can contain various constituents which may be fluid, solid,or blood (hemorrhagic Cyst) . Ovarian Cyst are non cancerous and they do not raise the risk of cancer. But ovarian Cysts after menopause can be cancerous.

Types of Ovarian Cyst -

  • Functional Cyst: They are very common. They can form if, mature follicle fails to rupture & release egg or if after releasing egg, fails to dissolve. They are usually harmless and dissolve on their own. They are related to process of Ovulation.
    • Follicle Cyst- Every month during menstural cycle, follicles grow which release egg. But sometimes, if this follicle fails to rupture and release egg, it can form Cyst which is known as Follicle Cyst.
    • Corpus Luteum Cyst- After follicle releases egg, it is supposed to dissolve but sometimes it may not. The remnant follicle is called Corpus Luteum. If the follicle opening is sealed due to any reasons, then fluid may trap inside follicle causing Corpus Luteum Cyst.
  • Dermoid Cyst: This is a growth on ovaries which looks like sac and may contain hair, fat, teeth, skin or other tissues.
  • Endometrioma Cyst: Endometrium is the tissue which grows inside the uterine cavity. It lines the inner uterine cavity so that if, fertilization of egg occurs, embryo can implant. But sometimes this endometrium grows outside the uterine cavity. If this grows on Ovary it can form Endometrioma Cyst .It can grow and bleed with monthly cycle leading to red- brown colour contents inside Cyst which is called as "Chocolate Cyst".
  • Cystadenomas: These are the Cysts which grows on ovaries and are non cancerous.
PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): In this condition, numerous Cyst develops inside the ovary causing its enlargement. This is due to failure of follicles to grow & rupture.. Untreated cases can contribute significantly towards Infertility.

Hence if, you are experiencing severe symptoms of Ovarian Cyst or unable to get pregnant because of Ovarian Cyst then do not delay and seek early treatment. Homeopathy promises wonderful relief in the form of potent remedies that manage OVARIAN CYST .

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