• Panic Attacks Causes

Panic Attacks Causes

Our nervous system helps us to respond appropriately in different kinds of situations. In Panic attack, the nervous system cannot understand how to react in conditions of fear. Hence, it downpours the body with hormones particularly Adrenaline that aid it in defense against harm.

Ostensible causes of Panic Attacks include:

  • Emotional triggers: Sudden personal or emotional loss or significant change in life may cause Panic Attacks to set in.
  • Genetics: Few research studies indicate that Panic Attacks may be inherited.
  • Medical conditions: Conditions like Asthma and Heart disease may act as causes of Panic Attacks or come on as subsequent conditions.
  • Medications: Medicines like steroids, metformin, insulin, quinine can cause panic attacks.
  • Food additives: Certain food additives like Aspartame are suspected to play a role in development of Panic Attacks as research studies have shown it to precipitate emotional reactions.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: Certain deficiencies like zinc or magnesium have been claimed to be causes of Panic Attacks.
  • Drug abuse or withdrawal: Both, abuse as well as withdrawal of drugs can result in Panic attacks.