• Vocal Nodules Definition


Benign, small, hard, callous like growths on Vocal cords or Vocal folds, mostly due to persistent voice overuse or abuse are known as Vocal Nodules.

They are very common in singers especially in untrained singers, who do not use their voice correctly, or in people who constantly yell or scream.

Vocal cords are the folds of tissue. They are lined with extremely delicate and soft tissues. Seen from the mouth inside the throat, they look like “V”-shaped formation. They vibrate very fast when we speak or sing. They come together to create voice.

Vocal Nodules can be Acute or Chronic.

Acute Vocal Nodules can happen after severe and long episode of voice abuse like singing for long periods, public speaking, shouting, acute allergies etc. They develop rapidly.

Chronic Vocal Nodules are usually results of prolonged vocal abuse which can be gradual but persistent, for instance, habit of speaking very loudly in general or working in noisy environment where one has to shout to communicate. They take time to progress.

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