• Vocal Nodules Introduction

vocal nodules introduction

Vocal Cords are a pair of muscular tissues located side by side in 'V' shape in larynx. They are elastic muscle tissues which vibrate to change air pressure to produce sound. They remain open when we are silent and close when we speak, so that air exhaled from lungs gets forced through it, to produce sound. Vocal Nodules usually appear on junction of anterior 1/3 & posterior 2/3 of Vocal cord.

Extreme overuse of voice can damage this delicate tissue. Initially, soft spots are formed on these vocal cords, which may get hard, if voice abuse is continued. Hard callous like growth forms on these Vocal Cords which are also known as Vocal Nodules. Being delicate, they are more prone to being injured easily. It causes raspy & harsh voice, which progresses gradually. Hoarseness is usually the first symptom. Voice rest can help at this stage.

introduction of vocal cord nodules

Homeopathic Treatment and lifestyle adjustments can help you reduce or manage the signs and symptoms of Vocal nodules.

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