• Mouth Ulcers Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition
  • Include Vitamin B12 rich foods like poultry, eggs, spinach, radish. .
  • Include zinc and folic acid rich food. Consume chicken, liver, banana, beans, melon, lentils. .
  • Iron rich foods like beetroots, raw bananas, spinach, dates, . help in preventing anemia.
  • Consume enough quantities of garlic in diet which is anti inflammatory.
  • Consume Vitamin A rich food like carrot, pumpkin, papaya, mangoes.
  • Also have soft and less spicy diet. You can take bananas, apples, mashed potatoes, rice .
  • Include a bowl of low fat yogurt in your diet daily which helps in keeping your gut healthy.
  • Drink sufficient water.
  • Avoid spicy foods, acidic foods, beverages .
  • Avoid foods like lemon, oranges, pineapple, tomatoes, strawberries, apples .
  • Also avoid tomatoes, vinegars, pickles, which may increase pain when you have ulcer.