• Nocturnal Enuresis Definition


Enuresis, also known as bedwetting is a condition in which the child fails to hold his or her urine, after the age of 5 years where bladder control is not established.

Involuntary urination at night is known as Nocturnal Enuresis and involuntary urination during daytime is called as diurnal enuresis.

Nocturnal enuresis is divided into two types-

  • Primary Nocturnal Enuresis (PNE)
  • Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis (SNE).
  • Primary Nocturnal Bedwetting – It is involuntary passage of urine during sleep by a 5 year old child or even older who has never attained a period of dryness. Most cases of primary nocturnal enuresis are without any underlying medical condition.
  • Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis - It is one form of bedwetting that develops in a child after at least six months of consistent dryness and reports for about one quarter of children with bedwetting. It can be due to physical or psychological causes.

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