• Nocturnal Enuresis Symptoms

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Bedwetting is considered as a medical affair when a child above 5 years old had two or more bed-wetting episodes per month, and a child older than six years of age had one or more episodes per month.

Most parents observe wet bed sheets or night wears in children with bedwetting. If there is any physical cause involved like urinary tract infection then the child may show following symptoms of nocturnal enuresis –

  • Painful/ burning urination
  • -Increased frequency of urination
  • -Fever with chills

Other symptom includes increased thirst, snoring, weakness and loss of appetite along with other symptoms of Nocturnal Enuresis.

It is important to watch for such symptoms of nocturnal enuresis in an older child who soaks the bed after having dryness nights in the past.

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