• Peptic Ulcer Symptoms


Following are most common symptoms of Peptic Ulcer disease. It should be noted that each individual may experience symptoms of peptic ulcer disease differently.

  • symptoms of peptic ulcer
    Abdominal Pain: Epigastric pain, described as a burning or gnawing discomfort. Pain increased by food. In Duodenal Ulcer, pain occurs 90 min to 3 hours after a meal and is frequently relieved by antacids or food.
  • symptoms of peptic ulcer
    Heartburn: Reverse flow of acid into esophagus leads to heartburn, usually described as burning pain in the middle of the chest.
  • Abdominal Fullness and bloating: Abdominal fullness and bloating is noted after meals.
  • Loss of appetite: This is commonly seen in gastric ulcer. In gastric ulcer, loss of appetite is mainly due to fear of pain, as pain is induced by eating food. This leads to weight loss.
  • Nausea and weight loss: It is more common in gastric ulcer.
  • Hematemesis or vomiting of blood: It can occur due to bleeding from gastric ulcer or from injury to esophagus due to persistent vomiting.
  • Melena: Tarry stools or coffee ground emesis indicate bleeding in the gastro-intestinal tract. These are leading symptoms of Peptic Ulcer disease.
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