• Speech Disorders Categorization

Category Communication Disorder
System Nervous System
Organ Brain, Muscles involved in speech, tongue etc
Alternate Names /Common Names Articulation deficiency; Voice disorders; Vocal disorders; Disfluency; Communication disorder
Names in different languages 'Haklana' in Hindi
'totlami' in Bengali
'totare bolane' in Marathi
'gestotter' in German
ICD 10 Classification F80 (Speech and language disorder),F 94 (Selective Mutism),F98.5 (Stuttering)
World statistics Speech Disorders affects nearly 3 million American people. Delayed speech development affects nearly 5-10% of toddlers. Nearly 2.5% of children under age of 5 years stutter but as they grow up stammering goes away in most cases. Speech Disorder affects nearly 1% of adult population.
Indian statistics Not relevantly known