• Speech Disorders Symptoms

  • Affected infant does not babble or coo as normal infants do
  • Delayed language development
  • Difficulty in producing sound is peculiar features in symptoms of speech disorders.
  • Inconsistent sound error in pronunciation, tone and rhythm of sound
  • Slow speech is one of the chief symptoms of speech disorders.
  • Patient may desire to say something but speak out something else
  • Extreme frustration due to improper speech
  • Patient may speak correctly the words which are automatic and not planned by him, but makes mistake in planned speech
  • In severe case total loss of speech
  • Can understand language but difficulty in talking
  • Listeners find it difficult to understand what affected person is trying to speak


Speech Disorder Symptoms
  • Difficulty in starting words (mmmmmm.......Mummy)
  • Symptoms include repetition of words, sounds or letters (I..I..I...am.......Joooooohn)
  • Sudden block of speech for few seconds when patient tries to say something (.....wwwwwww.....where are you?)
  • Person may sound tense, out of breath while conversation since stammering takes lot of energy is main feature in symptoms of speech disorders.
  • Completes word with much effort
  • Head jerking while speaking, rapid blinking, tapping of foot, trembling lips, tightening facial & neck muscles
  • Difficulty in completing the words, make them long (fooooood), repeats the words (I.. I.. want... want fooood), put extra sound (I umm. Umm. Want food), distorted sound, pauses while talking etc.
  • There could be great frustration, embarrassment, low self confidence due to this.
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