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Speech Disorder Do's and Don'ts


  • Practice of speech at home is very important to improve speech.
  • Family and friends supports are important to motivate patient and to give honest feedback for further improvement.
  • Be patient. Speech cannot be improved overnight. Treatment needs your time and full dedication.
  • Treat conditions like enlarged adenoids, tonsils which can block airways and may cause speech disorder.
  • Be patient if you stutter. Speak slowly avoid rushing with time. Pause and speak. Take deep breath and then speak.
  • Try to practice speech in alone to relax and improve fluency.
  • If there is problem of stuttering in small children; be patient let your child be relaxed and take time to speak. Do not pinpoint on their speech.
  • Be positive and stop worrying while speaking. Use body language as an important feature while talking if you stammer. This will make your communication easier.
  • Focus on the content of speech rather than how you deliver it.


  • Avoid activities like excessive thumb sucking, lip picking, mouth breathing, grinding, teeth clenching in children to avoid loss of oral muscle strength which can cause Speech Disorders.
  • If you are listening to anyone who has stammering problems, do not try to interrupt them, fill their words, or avoid them. This will lower their self confidence and will aggravate their condition. Do not be impatient with them.
  • Never criticise the person for their speech problems.
  • Never be impatient. Treatment of speech disorder requires time and patience.
  • Do not pay much attention to stuttering while speaking; more you try to stop it, worse it becomes.
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