• Speech Disorders Preventions

Speech Disorder Prevention

Though it is not possible to avoid Speech Disorders altogether but some measures can be taken for its prevention-

  • Since child learns speech by listening, parents act as first teacher for their children. Hence talk to your infants, read them stories etc. Hearing speech is beneficial to your newborns. Respond to your baby's babbles. Make sure you answer your kid as they grow up.
  • Encourage your child to speak more but do not force. Parents should also talk a lot to their small babies.
  • Be vigilant of your child's milestone development. If you notice any speech development delay consult specialist at the earliest.
    Be watchful of milestones like- Infant should babble by 9 months, should say 'moma dada' by 1 year age, speech should be understandable to stranger by the age of 3- 4 years etc.
  • If you feel your baby is having hearing problems or low intelligence, consult doctor for timely treatment and speech therapy.
  • Seek early treatment for better prognosis.