• Speech Disorders Introduction

Speech Disorder Introduction

Speech is the main mode of communication in humans. It is a part of normal growth and development of human beings. It is the mode of expressing our thoughts, feelings, etc.

Speech impairment mainly includes articulation, fluency and voice disorder problems.

Fluency is a part of proper speech. But in speech disorders there can be great dis-fluencies where there is repetition of words like in stuttering. Stuttering or Stammering is the most common dis-fluency. Although it is common in young children, persistence of significant stammering even after 4 years of age is worrying.

Also speech disorder can be because of articulation problems like denture misalignment, cleft palate, poor muscle coordination as in cerebral palsy or in brain injury. Speech is distorted here making it hard for listeners to understand in speech disorder.

Also there could be voice disorders where there is obstruction in the airways like vocal cord tumors, enlarged adenoids etc. Even things like voice overuse, screaming, singing, acid reflux moving up, nerve damage, vocal cord tumors etc can cause voice disorders. Voice is hoarse, breaking, raspy, pitch and volume is altered, nasal tones etc are there in voice disorder.

Speech production also includes process like Phonation (a process, where voice produces as air in lung, moves up and vibrates the vocal cords) and Resonance (this air now passes through throat, nose and mouth). Problems in Phonation and Resonance process leads to voice disorders. This includes altered voice quality, pitch, hyper or hypo nasal tone.

Hearing impairment is one of the important reasons of speech disorder, hence checking for the same is crucial to determine the cause and treatment of Speech Disorder.

Speech Disorder can affect anyone including children. Many people may face problem in correctly producing sound of speech or may face problem in their voice; which is known as speech disorder. This is a condition and not a disease.

Speech disorder is often misdiagnosed as Language disorder which includes problem in understanding words, expressing feeling via words, being able to use them, etc. In Language disorder the ability to understand and use the words in relevant context is impaired. Language focuses on meaning and not in sounds. Both Speech Disorder and Language Disorder constitute Communication Disorder. Speech and learning problems may be an early sign that child can have Learning Disability in future.

The good news is that Homeopathy has excellent success rate in the treatment of SPEECH DISORDER.

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