• Chalazion Definition

chalazion definition

Chalazion is defined as a lump or cyst or bump on the eyelid mostly upper eyelid, due to obstruction and inflammation of oil producing Meibomian gland. When they are more than one, they are called Chalazia. Though this is mostly painless but occasionally can be red, tender and painful. Its size may increase but usually it is 2-8mm size. Blockage of Meibomian gland may cause accumulation or clogging of thick oily fluid resulting in Cyst. This cyst may harden overtime forming hard nodule called Granuloma which gets hardened further and is called as Chalazion. Chalazion is not contagious and cannot spread from one person to another. Chalazion can be superficial or deep.

Certain people with predisposition towards Chalazion are more likely to get it again and again. Hence it requires a constitutional approach. Chalazion can present as acute lump or may become chronic or long standing.

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