• Chalazion Introduction

chalazion introduction

Eyes are the main organ of vision and a sense organ too. Healthy eyes are essential part of our life.

Meibomian glands are a kind of sebaceous glands present in our eyes. They are also known as tarsal glands. They are located at the rim of eyelids. Their main function is to supply a thick and oily substance called Meibum.

Meibum is released in tear film of eye and gets drained along with the tears. This meibum protects eyes and prevents spillage of tears. Also it helps in completely closing the eyelids when we sleep, so that there is no drying of eyes. There are 30 to 50 glands in number and are present in bother upper and lower eyelid. The oily secretion if blocked gets accumulated in the gland and forms lump.

Chalazion is the blockage and subsequent inflammation of one of these glands which results in lump formation. This oily substance gets accumulated and may sometime break under pressure and get released in tissue causing inflammation and scar formation.

Chalazion is usually confused with Stye (Hordeolum). Styes are mostly on the lid margin. Styes are infectious condition while Chalazion is not infectious but an inflammatory response of body.

Homeopathic Treatment and local warm compress application to your eyes can help you reduce and manage the symptoms of Chalazion. Also constitutional homeopathic medicines remove the predisposition towards recurrent Chalazia as seen in few people.