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what is chalazion

Chalazion is an upper eyelid cyst. The blockage of meibomian gland of eye may result in its inflammation, forming the cyst.

There are usually 30 to 50 Meibomian Glands present in bother upper and lower eyelid. They secrete oily substance which lubricates eyes but if blocked the substance gets accumulated in the gland and forms lump. This lump is called Chalazion. View Causes of Chalazion.

Chalazion is often confused with Stye (Hordeolum). Styes are mostly on the lid margin. Styes are infectious condition while Chalazion is not infectious but an inflammatory response of body. Mostly they are painless but if superseded infection affects them they can be very painful. It is a common condition affecting the eyelid in both children and adults.

Facts on Chalazion:

  • Chalazion is a very common condition
  • It can affect people of all ages but is most common in adults
  • It is benign and mostly painless
  • It is not a tumor or growth
  • It is not contagious
  • It can be seen in both upper and lower eyelid but more common in upper eyelid
  • Usually they are small but may grow significantly to be cosmetically unpleasant


  • Swelling or lump in eyelid (mostly in upper eyelid)
  • Tenderness of eyelid
  • Increased tear formation
  • Feeling of heaviness in eyelid
  • Photophobia

Know more about Symptoms of Chalazion


  • Chalazion is a potentially harmless condition but at the same time it is capable of growing to a big size and may then impact your vision.
  • Also it can make you go under the knife. Surgery has many risks and complications associated with it and it can also leave scar mark behind which may lead to cosmetic issues.
  • Though it is not an infectious condition but secondary bacterial infection can affect Chalazion and can cause severe pain and other systemic complications. It can cause a dangerous infectious condition called Orbital Cellulitis, where if proper treatment is not received, infection can reach brain or spread through body causing sepsis. Brain infection can be life threatening too. Although such situation is rare Chalazion should not be ignored.
  • Moreover many people can have a predisposition towards recurrent Chalazia, which can lead to repeated problems in eye. These repeated Chalazia if not addressed properly can cause astigmatism. Astigmatism is the abnormal curvature of cornea. It can cause difficulty in proper vision.
  • Chalazia looks like a lump on eyelid and can cause significant cosmetic disfigurement of eyes and may become a problem in appearance. Progressive Chalazion can lead to disfigurement of eyelids. Chalazia can also cause eyelash loss.


  • Homeopathy is very efficient in managing symptoms of Chalazion and has an excellent success rate. It is very gentle and effective system of medicine.
  • Homeopathy can successfully treat the Chalazion without the intervention of surgery . Homeopathy has world class medicines which treat Chalazion from its roots without any side effects.
  • Homeopathy stimulates body's healing capacities and strengthens immunity.
  • Homeopathy treats acute and chronic cases of Chalazion very effectively and also helps in preventing relapse of the condition in Treatment for chalazion.
  • Homeopathic treatment for Chalazion has more than 100 natural, side-effect free remedies in its medicine bank for the treatment of this condition.

Few of our amazing remedies include:

  • SILICEA: One of the gems in Homeopathic treasure for Chalazion treatment in people who are always cold, chilly and lack vital heat. Aversion to daylight which causes dazzling and sharp pain in the eyes. Vision affected, letters run together on reading. Patient characteristically feels cold before symptoms appear. Symptoms worse in winter.
  • CALCAREA FLOURICUM: Effective remedy in Homeopathic treatment for Chalazion for long standing hard growths on eyes. Stony hard and indurated feeling.
  • THUJA OCCIDENTALIS: One of the effective remedy for Chalazion and lump like growths on eyelids. Eyelids stick together at night. Eyelids dry and scaly. Complaints more on left side and at 3 am and 3 pm. Symptoms increase with fatty food, coffee and onion.
  • GRAPHITES: Red lids which are dry and swollen. Photophobia more intense from sunlight. Hard eruptions on lids.
  • STAPHYSAGRIA: Exemplary medicine for recurrent Chalazia. Itching of lid margin. Suitable for affections of eye's inner angle. Bursting pain in eyeballs. Suits people who are very sensitive of other's opinion and craves tobacco. Heat feeling in eyeballs.
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