• Chalazion Treatment


Most cases of Chalazia resolve by themselves with time. It may take weeks to months to subside. Warm towel application on the Chalazion may relieve the blockage occasionally but if that does not help; professional help is required. However if there is associated redness of eye, severe pain, fever, drainage from eyes, excessive swelling, difficulty in seeing, blurred type of vision, sensitivity to light is present do not delay and consult doctor as soon as possible for treatment for chalazion.

  • Medication - Antibiotics are used in treatment for chalazion if acute inflammation is suspected. Antibiotic-eye-drops are also given if any infection is suspected. Painkillers are used to control pain. Steroids are also used in few cases. But in most cases antibiotics are of no help.
  • Surgical excision - If Chalazion is very big or creating trouble or hampering routine life of patient then surgical excision under local or general anaesthesia is thought of in treatment for chalazion. Surgery is also performed for cosmetic reasons. Chalazion may recur even after