• Keloid Causes

  • The causes of Keloid are unknown. Predisposing factors include: trauma, skin tension, infection, autoimmune phenomena, and hormonal factors are causes of keloids.
  • Keloid most commonly starts with injury or skin lesions (diseases).
  • Delay in healing of the wound mostly seems to be the precursor of the scar formation. This tendency to scar formation often leads to Keloid later. It is most commonly seen in burns (where skin is deeply affected) and in open heart surgery cases .
  • It is important to note tattooing spots are also more vulnerable to develop Keloid growth.
  • Keloids are the result of abnormal wound healing. Possible causes of keloids for abnormal wound healing include genetic factors, skin tension, and the presence of a very high number of fibroblasts in the skin.
  • Genetic predisposition: Some evidence supports a relationship between genetic predisposition and an individual’s tendency to form Keloid scars. This tendency is clearly genetic, for e.g. Keloids are known to have occurred in 5 successive generations within a single family. This is one of the important causes of keloids.