• Keloid Symptoms

  • Any scar may become a Keloid, e.g. Burns, chemical burns, surgical wounds, vaccination marks, ear and nasal pricks, tuberculous sinuses, healed skin diseases and even insignificant pricks.
  • There are some usual common sites where keloids are formed. Keloids are more likely to develop on the arms, back, ears, lower legs, mid-chest, and neck. They may form as a wound heals, or they may take several months or even years to develop, and they can continue to grow indefinitely.
  • Some peculiar symptoms of keloids are:
    • They are raised from the surface; at some sites, e.g. on the Ear lobules, it may be pendulous.
    • They are Lumpy (nodular) or ridged and this is a very important feature in the symptoms of keloid.
    • They may be Flesh-colored, shiny pink or red in the early stages, and hyper-pigmented (darkened skin color) later on. This is leading feature of symptoms of keloids.
    • Keloids always extend beyond the limits of the original wound, sometimes by many centimeters.
    • Margins show "crab's claw" like projections into the adjacent skin is one of the leading features among symptoms of keloids.
    • Ulcers frequently develop on the surface and in the margins.
    • Itching is one of the constant and diagnostic symptoms of keloids.
    • Some Keloids become quite large and unsightly causing potential cosmetic problems.
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