• Laryngitis Complications


Laryngitis is a mild and self limiting illness which usually subsides on its own and with proper medication.

  • In Acute laryngitis is self limiting, hence complications of Laryngitis are very rare.
  • Damage to the vocal cords if the patient does not take rest or proper treatment on time.
  • In rare cases, severe forms of laryngitis like croup and epiglottitis can occur in infants and children leading to respiratory distress and requires immediate intervention.
  • Respiratory Tract Infections: Laryngitis infection in certain cases can spread to lower respiratory tract leading to parenchymal diseases like Pneumonia.
  • Laryngeal Cancer: Although there is no direct association linked to laryngitis and carcinoma of larynx, prolong hoarseness needs to be evaluated to rule out polyps or tumors.
  • Dysphonia – Prolonged strain of voice or over use can lead to impairment and alteration in voice quality which can be temporary or permanent.
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