• Laryngitis Risk Factors

Risk Factors
laryngitis risk factors
  • Professional Singers, Public speakers, orators, teachers - Overuse or misuse of Voice for short or prolonged duration can lead to Laryngitis.
  • Consumption of Alcohol and Smoking: People who consume tobacco or cigarette smoke, who consume alcohol are prone to develop laryngitis as nicotine and alcohol consumption act as irritants to the larynx.
  • Occupational Hazards: Prolonged exposure to chemicals and toxic fumes are known to irritate the larynx and cause chronic hoarseness leading to laryngitis.
  • Aging: As our body ages, vocal cords tend to lose ability to vibrate, leading to chronic laryngitis.
  • Lack of Hygiene: Poor hygienic conditions in children and young adults can be a medium for transmission of viral infection which is the main cause for acute laryngitis.
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