• Epistaxis


What is Epistaxis?

Epistaxis is bleeding from the nose. It is commonly called as a nosebleed.

Blood vessels in the nasal cavity are thin and fragile. Hence slightest trigger can lead to breakage or rupture of capillaries causing hemorrhage. Read more about Causes of Epistaxis.


Epistaxis is mainly of two types:

  • Anterior nosebleed
  • Posterior nosebleed

What happens in epistaxis?


  • Bleeding from the nose – either one or both nostrils
  • Bleeding – mild in few drops to heavy flow
  • Coughing or vomiting of blood after a nosebleed
  • Recurrent episodes of epistaxis of long duration
  • History of a recent trauma or injury
  • Bleeding from other areas of body – gums, ears, urine, stools
  • Strong emotional factor triggering the epistaxis – anxiety , tension ,grief ,fear
  • Common in winter and dry climatic conditions. Click to know more about Symptoms of Epistaxis.

What can epistaxis lead to?

Epistaxis is usually a mild condition and rarely fatal. Few cases get better with appropriate primary aid.

In certain cases where bleeding is severe and progressive, following can occur:

  • Hemorrhage: Sudden epistaxis if severe with excessive bleeding can lead to hemorrhage.
  • Cardio-vascular compromise: In certain life threatening cases, especially following severe trauma or surgery, epistaxis can lead to cardio-vascular shock which can prove fatal.
  • Recurrent epistaxis: Epistaxis due to an underlying cause can be episodic.
  • Anemia: Epistaxis of a long duration can lead to anemia from blood loss.
  • Acute rhino –sinusitis: infection or inflammation of the membranes that line the sinuses.

How can homoeopathy help in epistaxis?

  • Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed considering each patient's individuality with respect to his symptom presentation, personality, environmental background and familial disposition in Homeopathic Treatment For Epistaxis.
  • Epistaxis whether acute or chronic and recurrent can be excellently handled with the help of homoeopathic medicines which have a marked action on blood vessels and capillaries.
  • Certain cases which present with an emotional causative factor like anxiety, worry, fear or a stressful event which triggered the epistaxis are known to show amazing results with homoeopathic Treatment.

Few of our amazing remedies in homeopathic treatment for epistaxis include:

  • Arnica: A very good hemorrhagic remedy. Bleeding in patients after an injury, fit of coughing, sore lamed bruised feeling in patients with sudden epistaxis. This medicine has marked effect on blood vessels.
  • Ammon Carb: Epistaxis in patients coming on from activities like after washing face and after eating. Children with sudden stoppage of breathing from nose with snuffles. Nasal discharges are bloody.
  • Phosphorous: Bleeding from the nose instead of menses. Small hemorrhages which are bright red and profuse. Nasal polyps which bleed frequently.
  • Arum triphyllum: Indicated in patients with acrid excoriating discharges from the nose. Nose bleed in children with constant picking and boring till it bleeds.
  • Ipecac: Indicated remedy for epistaxis with bright red bleeding and profuse in character.
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