• Epistaxis Symptoms


Symptoms of Epistaxis can vary from mild to severe. Bleeding from the nose can range from a few drops to a heavy flow of blood which can be life threatening. A proper detailed case history of the patient and a thorough physical examination can help in arriving at the probable diagnosis.

Common symptoms for any patient presenting with epistaxis include:

  • Sudden onset bleeding from the nose
  • Bleeding may be mild in few drops or excessive, from single or both nostrils. This is one of the striking features in symptoms of epistaxis.
  • Pain in the nasal bridge with a nose blocked sensation due to clots in the nasal area.
  • History of recent fall, trauma or injury may be enquired.
  • Bleeding from any other areas in the body like ears, gums, urine, stools, etc. need to be noted. This is leading feature in symptoms of Epistaxis.
  • Tendency to easy bruising, wounds bleeding easily or taking time to heal can indicate a deeper pathology and requires further evaluation.
  • Patient may cough out or vomit blood in cases if he has swallowed the blood from the nose. These are significant symptoms of Epistaxis.
  • Any stressors like anxiety, tension, grief or worry triggering the epistaxis episode and its recurrence needs to be enquired.
    These are important symptoms of Epistaxis.