• Fibroadenoma of Breast Definition


Fibroadenoma of Breast is defined as firm, non cancerous breast tumour, seen very commonly in young girls and women of reproductive age. Characteristically, the Fibroadenoma is solid, marble like, rubbery, painless lump with well defined edges and is movable within the breasts.

It can occur in one or in both the breasts. It is firm, nodular and encapsulated within breasts. It can be single or multiple. Size may vary.

Types of Fibroadenoma of breast:

  • Simple Fibroadenoma - Microscopically the whole tissue of this tumour looks similar and does not seem to increase risk of breast cancer
  • Complex Fibroadenoma - Here tissue is not similar all over tumour, it may contain large cells which are visible by naked eyes and may also contain calcium deposits. They can also be opaque and dense. They are believed to be at higher risk of changing into malignant tumour.

Fibroadenomas responds well to hormones especially Estrogen. Hence they may increase in size during pregnancy and when woman is consuming Oral Contraceptive pills. At Menopause (Climacteric) when there is no Estrogen, it usually shrinks.

Lump may remain same in size throughout life, or may shrink, or may increase in size.

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