• Fibroadenoma of Breast Introduction


Breasts, known as mammary Glands are milk producing glands which consists of lobules and tubes. Function of lobule is to produce milk while tubes (ducts) carry the milk to nipple. Breast is made up of glandular tissue, fibrous (supporting tissue) and fatty tissues.

fibroadenoma of breast introduction
Structurally, Fibroadenoma is made up of same tissue as of breast. Glands and ducts grow over the lobules to form solid lumps known as Fibroadenoma. Fibroadenoma may be single or multiple. They may be present in one or in both the breasts. They can vary from very small to very big size. Bigger Fibroadenoma (like a lemon size) are called Giant Fibroadenomas. It is also called as ‘Breast mouse’ because of its good range of mobility within breast.

introduction of fibroadenoma of breast
Fibroadenoma are quite common breast tumour in women who are under the age of 30. This is benign which means non cancerous. Breast tumours can be both cancerous and non cancerous, but fibroadenomas are usually non cancerous. Very rarely fibroadenomas are seen in male breasts (may be due to hormonal treatment in males).

Occasionally fibroadenomas are too small to be felt by the patient on self examination. If size is bigger, they can be felt by hands on examination. They feel separated from rest of the breast tissue with well defined edges and clear shape. Mostly they are movable under the skin & may feel like marble on touch. They can also feel like rubber and usually do not cause pain on touching or moving.