• Fibroadenoma of Breast Treatment

  • Treatment of Fibroadenoma Breast depends on many factors. Usually they are very closely and stringently monitored for their growth, symptoms etc. Most cases require no treatment but for peace of mind and to avoid cancer fear; it is sought.
  • Surgery (Lumpectomy or Excision Biopsy) to remove Fibroadenoma Breast depends on family history, severity of symptoms, etc. If they are fast growing and any tissue change is seen usually surgery is performed. Surgery is mostly done if there is any change in breast shape, causing severe pain, changing breast contour. Strong family history of breast cancer and doubtful biopsy results mostly indicate towards surgery. Personal concerns and fear are also deciding factors of surgical removal of breast lumps. But surgery can affect the appearance of your breast & also Fibroadenoma can re grow.
  • Cryo-ablation: Sometimes very small lumps are destroyed by freezing them resulting in tissue death of tumour.
  • However if woman choose to not go for surgery then, routine check up, breast exams, mammograms and USG breast to monitor tumour, becomes mandatory.