• Insomnia Causes


Insomnia is very common condition. It is a complex disease. common causes of Insomnia are-

Lifestyle : Stress, hectic and busy lifestyles, jet lags, working in rotational shifts, excessive intake of caffeine are most likely to give you sleepless night. Stress can cause both acute & chronic Insomnia.

Life events : Certain stressful life events like witnessing trauma, accidents, deaths, loss of finances, job, divorces, breakups can cause Insomnia. It can be both acute after incident or may become chronic.

Physical factors : Hot environments, extreme cold temperature, mosquitoes, noise, lights, can disturb your sleep causing Insomnia.

Medicinal Side effects : Certain medicines like anti depressants, anti hypertensive drugs may cause Insomnia as one of their many side-effects.

Disease or medical conditions : Many disease conditions can affect your sleep negatively and may prevent you from falling asleep like Depression, Anxiety disorder, Panic Disorder, Restless leg Syndrome, GERD, hyperthyroidism, heart failure, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and other pain causing diseases. Depression is more likely to cause Insomnia. Insomnia is also common in last three months of pregnancy and during menopause.