• Insomnia Symptoms


Symptoms of Insomnia are:

  • Difficulty in sleeping or falling asleep
    insomnia symptoms
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Difficulty in falling asleep again if, sleep gets disturbed once
  • Getting up early in morning
  • Un-refreshing sleep with tired feeling in morning
  • Sleepiness and drowsiness during daytime
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Irritability/ Moodiness/ Impulsiveness/ Aggression/ Frustration
  • Poor memory and inability to focus
  • Tension headaches
  • Increased mistakes and errors

There are many symptoms associated with INSOMNIA. But it again varies from case to case. Since, how much sleep is normal is subjective, symptoms also vary. Some people feel refreshed after some hours of sleep, while, few people feel tired even after 8 hours of sleep.