• Insomnia Introduction


For human life, not only food, water, shelter but quality sleep is also vital. Sleep is important part of life for proper functioning and good quality of life.

In Insomnia, sleep is affected in terms of both quantity and quality, in spite of having adequate time and chance to sleep.

insomnia introduction

Insomnia can include-

Difficulty in falling asleep

Difficulty in maintenance of sleep or in staying asleep

Waking up early in morning and unable to sleep again

Insomnia can seriously hamper the quality of life you desire to live in. It can cause serious behavioural problems.

Aging has got deteriorating affects on sleep patterns. Getting tired in early evenings and inability to sleep late in morning is quite characteristic in elderly. Also chronic pains and lack of proper active life and exercises in elderly can prevent good night’s sleep.

If you have a habit of popping sleeping pill it is better you take sweet homeopathic pills which is effective and not habit forming.

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