• Insomnia Complications


There are certain complications of Insomnia in unmanaged and extreme cases.

  • Affect on daily life: Insomnia can create turmoil in daily routine life of affected person. Children may find it difficult to get up for school, focus on exams, participate in extracurricular activities. Adults may find it difficult to carry daily chores with energy and enthusiasm. This may impact their job and social responsibilities.
    insomnia complications
  • Behavioural changes: Insomnia can make a person moody, irritable, frustrated, aggressive, impulsive. It can affect your sense of distance, time, space, judgement leading to series of mistakes and higher chances of accidents while driving.
  • Physical problems: Insomnia can cause immense fatigue, low feeling, less energetic and drowsiness. It can also give rise to series of medical disorders like obesity, hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, depression. It can also affect negatively on your immunity & your body’s disease fighting abilities.
  • Psychological problems: chronic Insomnia can cause severe depression, anxiety disorder, hallucinations, delusions, double vision,. It can also lead to substance abuse.
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