• Insomnia Treatment

  • Family support : Treatment begins at home first. Unconditional love, care & genuine affection gives much required moral support to patient. Good sleep habits mostly relieve acute cases without medications.
  • Medication : Sedatives & antihistamines are prescribed in cases where lack of sleep has started, putting strain on your routine and life quality. Anti depressants are used if Depression seems to be the cause behind Insomnia. Treatment to subside underlying causes of Insomnia is very important or Insomnia will keep on coming back. Some natural supplements like Melatonin, Valerian are used to induce sleep sometimes but, this is not scientifically proved.
  • Psychotherapy : Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is found to be effective in INSOMNIA treatment. CBT is a talking therapy and it focuses on particular problems.
  • Sleep restriction therapy , where person is intentionally asked to sleep less one night so that he can sleep better the consecutive nights is also used.
  • Lifestyle changes - Exercise, good sleep hygiene, healthy balanced and stable lifestyle aids in treatment. Relaxation techniques, sleep restriction therapies are also useful.