• Insomnia Definition


One of the most common sleep disorders, Insomnia is defined as a condition where the affected person finds falling asleep difficult or may sleep but get up in between and could not sleep further. Not only, it makes the night for the person difficult, but, his next day is also disturbed as he may feel sleepy and irritable. Both quantity and quality of sleep is affected which in turn tarnish peace of mind and comfort of body.

Types of Insomnia-

Primary Insomnia- Here, affected person has sleep problems but it is not due to any other medical or health conditions. It is called Primary Insomnia because exact causes behind it are not known.

Secondary Insomnia- Here, sleep problems are mostly due to some medical or health conditions. Also substance abuse induced insomnia comes under this category. It could also be due to some medicinal side effects.

insomnia definition

Transient Insomnia- Small changes in routine or sleep pattern can cause transient Insomnia which usually subsides even before a week.

Acute Insomnia- It is short term insomnia and can be of sudden onset, and is usually after some drastic life event. Acute insomnia comes and goes which lasts for about 3 months.

Chronic Insomnia- If sleeplessness is for more than three nights per week, and persists for more than 3 months; it is called as chronic Insomnia. It can be either primary or secondary Insomnia. It can seriously impair daily functioning.

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