• Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms
  • Anxiety Disorder - A type of mental disorder marked by intense fear of present and anxiety or worries of future.
  • Bipolar Disorder - A state of mind where there are alternate stages of euphoria and depression. A psychiatric disorder.
  • Depression- A very common mental disorder where there is chronic gloomy and sad feeling
  • Learning Disorder - A disorder where learning abilities like grasping, organization, memorizing, retention, understanding of information etc are affected.
  • Psychotic Disorders - There are certain abnormal thinking and perceptions in this psychiatric disease. It is characterized with delusion and hallucinations.
  • ADHD- A psychological disorder where attention span is affected and there is marked hyperactivity. Affected person finds it difficult to be still for much time, focus on things and be attentive.
  • Substance Abuse Disorder - A disorder leading to impairment or distress caused by abuse of substances like alcohol, drugs etc.
  • Conduct Disorder - Here child exhibits aggression towards animals or people. They are deceitful and may steal also. They can lie, become physically violent, do antisocial activities, breaks laws, etc
  • Behavioural - Involving, relating to, or emphasizing behaviour
  • Therapy - Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder
  • Psychological -Of affecting, or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person